Autumn is definitely here

We’ve had Halloween. Bonfire night (Guy Fawkes night) is rapidly approaching and Christmas is NEXT month. A really misty one today. Delays/cancellations at the airports in the London area. Not hard to see why..


The mist does show up things you’d miss normally. The intricacy of cobwebs for one..


And on the pine trees..


Some trees are stubbornly refusing to let go if their last few leaves..


Where did 2015 go? A year of change for many, me included. Thanks for reading.


Sunrise always makes me smile..

Well when I can see it. Nothing this morning but misty murk.. but.. over the last few days, we have seen some SPECTACULAR sunrises… here’s one from a couple of weeks ago…


Apologies for the wacky angle… but it was the only way I could capture it all… hum ho. Anyway, then a couple of days ago, I was up early (as usual) to make a cuppa, happened to open the curtains to THIS… flecks of gold in a pale sky… just amazing.


Hope you enjoyed – thanks for reading….

The Motherships have been sighted!

During our recent holiday in Kelafonia, one evening, I noticed these strange clouds over the mountain.. they do look for all the world like ‘flying saucers’.. it was unreal. I took a longer shot(below)…

Longer Shot

Longer Shot

Zoomed in (a bit)…



And finally.. about 20 minutes later.. the clouds had moved on…

DSC_0075Its the first time I have seen this type of cloud anywhere.. thanks for reading.


I’ve been traveling backwards and forwards to Dublin quite a bit over the last few years – Ireland is a curious mix of the old and the new. Fantastic for new companies with good support from the government, but a lot of history and definitely quirky, from the Guiness Tower, the Spike of O’Connell Street and the little alleyways that seem full of bars. It was my first visit in a while and definitely my first trip since being diagnosed with Coeliacs disease. I needn’t have worried – the hotel I stayed in (The O’Callaghan Davepnort, was more than aware and very happy to cook Gluten Free variants (as far as possible) for the vast majority of the meals on their menu.

I was there a couple of days and managed to get out and about on the second night – although it was raining heavily(their IS a REASON its called the Emerald Isle). Anyway, I managed to snap a few pics – I hope you enjoy… If you have a long weekend to spare,  I would definitely recommend spending the time in Dublin.

Where else but Dublin would you find a bridge designed like a Harp?

Where else but Dublin would you find a bridge designed like a Harp?


Their is an interesting blend of old and new.. here’s a tall ship (available for weddings!) moored up on the Liffe just upstream from the Dublin Convention Centre

The Old and the New - the Convention Centre is in the background.

The Old and the New – the Convention Centre is in the background.


Loved this pre-school nursery – who wouldnt want to attend if the inside is as much fun as the outside?

St Mary's Pre-School, City Quay

St Mary’s Pre-School, City Quay


No visit to dublin would be complete with out an outing to Temple Bar – here’s a view down Fleet Street into the Bar. Always busy, always something to see lots of bars (but no Beer/Lager/Guiness for me – I’ll just have to make do with Irish Whiskey!).

Looking down Fleet Street to Temple Bar.

Looking down Fleet Street to Temple Bar.


My short stay over, I was back to Dublin Airport to fly back to London – as I flew Aer Lingus I got to use the ‘newish’ Terminal 2 – nice view below as we took off headed back to London…

View from Above - Terminal 2 in the middle...

View from Above – Terminal 2 in the middle…


Saw some very interesting weather on the way over – this was just south of Birmingham (having built-in GPS is useful.. even in a plane!)..

Very dramatic cl;oudscape.. I would not have wanted to be underneath that...!

Very dramatic cloudscape.. I would not have wanted to be underneath that…!


Nearly home.. as we turned into the setting sun, I managed a somewhat misty view of the O2 Arena and London Docklands…

O2 Arena/London Docklands...

O2 Arena/London Docklands…


Always nice to get home… thanks for reading…

Whatever the weather

Over the last few days (for once) we have had quite pleasant weather. But on the odd occasion we’ve had cloud we seem to have had some very strange variants… a selection below.. strange I think but pretty cool (in a weird way)… their was a day I didnt have my camera (typical) and the clouds actually looked like waves.. anyway.. enjoy… more natural awesomeness.

DSCN1050 DSCN1054 DSCN1061


St Judes – The Storms

UK Winter Storms 2013/14

Well we seem to have made it through the vicious winter storms of the winter. The BBC link points to a fascinating timeline of a series of storms that started with St Judes on the 27th and 28th October and ran all the way through to the end of February, when the UK is ‘getting its breath back’. But with the amount of water that fell over the 4 months (about 20 inches) its going to be a while before things are back to normal. Damage was extensive along the coast, with several years worth of erosion over the 4 months. Their are some awesome pics in the article that I thoroughly recommend.

Oh and on top of all this, the agency that deals in predicting/handling this sort of disaster is being reduced in size due to Government cutbacks.. go figure.