Well into Year 2 PI

No not the mathematical PI, the PI here means Post-IBM (sorry!). I parted company with IBM UK on January 6th 2015. Its been an interesting 20 months. When I left, I was still very focused on continuing to work. I did a small amount of work as an independent, but actually came to the conclusion i enjoyed NOT working more. So I guess I have moved from semi-retired to COMPLETELY retired.

One of the non-technology options I did a lot of research on was setting up a Gluten Free shop in my local town. I spent a lot of time researching what the major supermarkets offer to see where a niche could be. As it turns out, the supermarkets have broadened their ranges greatly, leaving little space for a small independent shop. Add to that the initial set up costs and it rapidly became non-viable.

I did (earlier this year) pass my motorbike tests and gained my licence. I subsequently  bought a new bike and have been having a lot of fun – earlier in the year I made a ‘road-trip’ to visit a friend on the Dingle Peninsula in SouthWest Ireland, which was fabulous and documented in an earlier post.

I became a grandparent last year and early next year will become a grandparent x 2!  Its a strange feeling.

BREXIT seems to have scuppered our plans to downsize, so we have parked the idea for now and are upgrading our existing house. I did vote to stay, but have to say that given the way the EU seems to be going, I think BREXIT may be the right choice. Nuff said.

So, Summer is definitely over, at least in my part of the UK. Christmas is 3 months away. Where has the year gone? Thanks for reading this short update.


More than 3 months since my last post? Where did THAT go?

I’m sure as I get older time passes more quickly. I wouldnt have believed that 3 months had passed since my last post on here. What a busy 3 months its been. A short update (there’ll be a longer post later as I catchup post my trip to Exmoor!).

Learning to ride a motorbike – well in hand now. I am about 50% of the way through the process of getting a full motorbike licence in the UK. I passed the first twp stages in February and March, bought a bike and have been clocking up the roadmiles to gain some experience. I’m now ready to move up from the training bike I bought and have a couple of lessons on a bigger bike before I take the two part full licence test (its surprising how quickly I have adapted to the tendency of car drivers to try and kill me when I am out and about).

The Gluten Free Shop – I’ve been doing some research but honestly, with the growth of the availability of Gluten Free products in the mainstream Supermarkets, plus the set up costs means that its unlikley I will open a shop as I had originally envisaged. Its not dead completely,  just looking for a niche!

Technology Consulting – A slow start, but things are developing nicely now with 2 or 3 small projects on the horizon.

Thanks for reading…

Oops almost forgot (prompted by my photo on the header page of my Blog). After an absence of 5 years (for a variety of reasons) I am finally getting back to doing the Lyke Wake Walk. I will be walking overnight Friday 19th/Saturday 20th June. I’ll try and keep anyone thats interested via Twitter (you can find me as @thedirger).