An unexpected visitor

During our recent weekend in Bournemouth, UK, we had an early morning walk through the park in the centre of Bournemouth. Its a favourite place with families for picnics. There used to be a tethered balloon ride, but while the mooring base was still there, there was no evidence of the balloon – maybe it’s in storage for the winter.

As we walked along we noticed the park has a lot of grey squirrels and they are very tame. Have a look at this fellow…

The park is an unexpected find right in the centre of Bournemouth.. worth a look if you visit.

We were very lucky with the weather – we were there 4 days and had bright sunshine every day. Although it was cool(well it was late October), the crowds were out.

The seascapes were fabulous…

All in all a great weekend, thanks for reading.



Is it, no, it couldnt be, could it?

Is it, no, it couldnt be, could it?

Another shot of Bournemouth, this time from mid-march. I love the light effect of the sun on the sea – no surfers this time as although the sun was shining, it was quite cool… freezing in the sea I suspect (no I’m no THAT stupid despite what some might say)….
There was another reason for posting this… look at the cloud formation.. does it appear to anyone else the tiniest bit like the starship enterprise? Maybe I’m just hallucinating.. the sun WAS strong. Anyway, hope you enjoy. Thanks for visiting.