So… a long overdue update – Just WHERE am I on my Gluten Free Journey?

I hadn’t realised how long its been since I last wrote an update. Too long. So.. quick summary for those who didn’t catch the earlier posts…

I was diagnosed with Coeliacs disease in December last year after a long and at one point life-threatening spell which lasted the best part of a year. That’s history(a lot more to it than that but hey, I’m not here to bore you -intentionally anyway)!

Where am I at? I joined the UK Charity for Coeliacs (Coeliacs UK) who are very organised and have just launched a phone app which is invaluable. If you are a coeliac and in the UK I would thoroughly recommend joining. I discovered its a lot more common that I thought(evidence two events I attended recently, one specifically for Coeliacs and the other a general AllergyShow at Olympia in London – both were packed out(although to be honest I’m still not sure where having a vibrating bed or doing Yoga helps allergies but I will be pleased to be corrected). 

Both shows have shown me just how good things are (in the UK anyway – would love to hear from any coeliac sufferers overseas). The need for Gluten Free groceries is very much mainstream – with an ever growing list of options for food (and drink). Restaurants are becoming more aware – even hotels – evidence my recent trip to Dublin!. As I am a diagnosed Coeliac (sounds awful doesn’t it?) I can get some help via the UK National Health Service which is great. I guess my one ‘whinge’ (well it is monday after all) is that for the moment, Gluten free variants of food and drink are more expensive than the non-Gluten free versions(I was going to say normal, but normal is a state of mind lol). I AM enjoying researching the various Gluten Free beers and Lagers (expensive and small bottles – in the main) as I used to really enjoy ‘REAL ALE’.

So, personally, from a situation where at my lowest I had lost a total of 42 pounds in weight(3 stones to those that know the imperial weights and measures, or 19 Kilos) I am now in the pleasant situation of being told I need to lose a few pounds, Result!

Coeliacs is Genetic. If you have it, you have it and it wont get better. This brings me to the most recent news. My daughter is now being tested as she is exhibiting classic signs of Coeliacs, She is 18. On the positive side, even if she does have it (and it looks like she might) – its only a change of diet and the benefits of going Gluten Free in that situation are SO life-changing.

I’ll keep you posted. Thanks for reading.