Good Friday walk(Windsor Great Park)

As Good Friday was looking to be the best day of the Easter Weekend(and we hadnt been there for ages) we decided to take the dog and stretch our legs in Windsor Great Park, which is 4,800 acres of park managed by the Crown Estate.

Their is plenty of parking and loads of space….this is the view looking to the north – in the distance is the castle.


Here’s a zoom look.. their really is a castle there.. (apologies for the quality – I took this using my phone).


Behind a deer fence was a HUGE number of deer….


It was a little boggy(we had had quite a bit of rain) but a nice way to stretch your legs. At the southern end of the long walk is a copper statue of King George III. A nice walk. Enjoy your weekend.


Winter sunset

Can’t believe tomorrow is mid-winter, the shortest day. Soon be Xmas. Hope you all enjoy the break. This was tonight’s sunset..  Enjoy..


The Motherships have been sighted!

During our recent holiday in Kelafonia, one evening, I noticed these strange clouds over the mountain.. they do look for all the world like ‘flying saucers’.. it was unreal. I took a longer shot(below)…

Longer Shot

Longer Shot

Zoomed in (a bit)…



And finally.. about 20 minutes later.. the clouds had moved on…

DSC_0075Its the first time I have seen this type of cloud anywhere.. thanks for reading.