Good Friday walk(Windsor Great Park)

As Good Friday was looking to be the best day of the Easter Weekend(and we hadnt been there for ages) we decided to take the dog and stretch our legs in Windsor Great Park, which is 4,800 acres of park managed by the Crown Estate.

Their is plenty of parking and loads of space….this is the view looking to the north – in the distance is the castle.


Here’s a zoom look.. their really is a castle there.. (apologies for the quality – I took this using my phone).


Behind a deer fence was a HUGE number of deer….


It was a little boggy(we had had quite a bit of rain) but a nice way to stretch your legs. At the southern end of the long walk is a copper statue of King George III. A nice walk. Enjoy your weekend.


A grand day out!

After yesterday evenings sunset (see previous post), I had  a day booked out to clock up some miles on my new motorbike. Getting a full licence was one of the things I had on my to-do list for when I retired. I passed the 4th and final part of the test on 10th February.

For the motorbike minded, I have a Honda CB500X which I am enjoying immensely. Anyway, the plan for today was to ride down to the coast and visit a couple of my favourite south coast towns. Its slightly early – as you will see from the pictures, a lot of the attractions have yet to open – that will happen this coming Easter weekend.

When I set off, it was grey cloud and didnt bode well. However by the time I parked up in Hayling Island, the sun was out!


The Isle of Wight could be seen very clearly across the deserted car park(on the right hand horizon). At the weekend, weather permitting, the view would be much different.. cars everywhere. DSCN1764

After a snack, the mandatory selfie.. the sun was very bright!


Anyway, the second stop on my outing was 50km east, a small town called Littlehampton. Again, mostly closed, but will be heaving come next weekend, weather permitting.

Here’s a view East along the promenade….nice perspective….


And the view West to the coastguard lookout..


Finally.. the mostly deserted beach….


I love seaside resorts outside of the main season – you get a feel for the type of place they really are. Hope you enjoyed.. thanks for reading..