Morning Moonshine (and others..)

As the Autumn has moved slowly into the first stages of Winter, there have been some fantastic sunsets. The sunset has moved from the North West Horizon, to the SouthWest Horizon, making the days very short (of for the Winter Solstice, not too far away).

Here’s one from late october.. still has a fairly ‘warm’ feeling to it…


Moving in a little closer to the sunset…


How things change as we move into November..


A much ‘cooler’ sky, with the clouds being driven…


You can get a sense of the turmoil here…


On the plus side.. no SNOW as yet! Thanks for reading..Oh I almost forgot.. the title of Morning Moonshine… taken at around 8am!




Autumn is definitely here

We’ve had Halloween. Bonfire night (Guy Fawkes night) is rapidly approaching and Christmas is NEXT month. A really misty one today. Delays/cancellations at the airports in the London area. Not hard to see why..


The mist does show up things you’d miss normally. The intricacy of cobwebs for one..


And on the pine trees..


Some trees are stubbornly refusing to let go if their last few leaves..


Where did 2015 go? A year of change for many, me included. Thanks for reading.