Portugal in september

She who must be obeyed and myself are currently enjoying some autumnal sun in the algarve. It’s our first time on an adults – only holiday and I have to say it feels a bit weird. With a small number of exceptions, we are probably among the younger group. No families, kids tantrums, no bombing in the pool, no laughter. It’s all very ‘adult’. The holiday company we came with seem to be really pushing their customers to go all inclusive (we are half board, mainly because we like to get out and sample the offerings from the locale). We have spoken to couples who haven’t left the hotel yet and this strikes me as exactly what the hotel owners want. They certainly don’t want you venturing out and spending your money supporting the local businesses.

As I sit on this sunbed, a few things occur to me. Little things mean a lot. An example, without exception, every hotel I have ever stayed in, be it business or pleasure have provided complimentary tea/coffee in the rooms. A nice touch. Not this  hotel. You only get complimentary tea/coffee if you are all inclusive. Pah. We’ll buy ours at the local supermarket.

The hotel is beautiful and they do have the check – in process very nicely done ( glass of cava while you fill in the form?). Rooms are huge and very modern.  Each evening meal is themed, tonight’s offering will be traditional portugese. We chose not to attend last night’s fish themed extravaganza.

Sorry this had to be done….


My opinion of all inclusive is that it’s a false economy. It certainly makes it easier for the hotel to contain/control their clientele, but for us, it never works. We travel to experience foreign cultures.


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