So.. an update on the Coeliac/Gluten Free Journey….

I’ve now been Gluten Free for about 18 months. Their was a steep learning curve. It took me a while to get to grips with the finer points. Over the 18 months the situation with many of the supermarkets has improved greatly. Legislation to accomodate allergy sufferers in restaurants has helped greatly. Their are those of ‘US’ who HAVE to be Gluten Free, those who choose to be Gluten Free. There have been quite a lot of articles about the ‘FAD’ of Gluten Free and it expense (no arguments from me re the cost – it SERIOUSLY needs to reduce).

Speaking for myself, I feel the best I have ever felt. I had a long term condition, Asthma, which has all but disappeared since I ‘ve been Gluten Free. I did a completely unscientific survey on Facebook (more on that later) and found a number of people who seem to have seen an improvement. Of course there where also folk who seem to have picked up problems.

Facebook. In my view a modern curse. I DID join a couple of Facebook groups for Coeliacs. Iwas amazed at peoples propensity to publish THEIR medical data and ask the group what they thought… REALLY? Their was also a growing trend for people who seemed to lack the abiity to read or use their brains to take pictures of the ingredients off a product and ask if they could eat it! My newsfeed stream was full of this, so I left.

My plans for a shop are on hold – given the way things have changed with Supermarkets and the set up cost, its prohibitive . I’m still looking for that ultimate Gluten Free idea.

The Allergy and Free From show was invaluable in the first year. I recently returned to the 2015 show and decided that there wasn’t enough different to justify the trip to London.

I still get caught out. Mostly by sauces that get put on Steaks.. but I’m getting there.

At the beginning, It seemed like an impossible cliff – how was I going to eat given the limits. 18 months later, its a way of life.

Thanks for reading, hope you enjoyed