A couple of weeks ago I took my wife off to see the musical ‘Wicked’ at the Apollo Victoria in London. We always seem to go up to London when their is a rugby game at Twickenham. This trip was no exception, England against New Zealand. Despite it taking 45 minutes to do the last 2 miles past the stadium we made it toothed theatre with 45 minutes to spare.
As usual, the pre-show drinks were at tourist prices(I have never paid £14 before in my life for just 2 drinks.. Even small bottles of water were £2.50).
This was view we had. A great stage set  with a dragon overhead.


Here’s a slightly better one of the dragon..


Although it’s not the type of show I would normally watch, it was very good. Great costumes, a good cast and funny in places. Without any spoilers, it’s the story of the good witch and the evil witch immediately before Dorothy arrives on Oz.
One thing I have to comment on.. At the interval it was really noticeable how many people were using ipads and smartphones… See below.


Thanks for reading..


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