View from L39

My first day back from vacation earlier this month saw me attending an all day meeting at One, Canada Square, Canary Wharf (which acts as an overflow for the City of London and space is very much at a premium!). L39 is an innovation hub for companies just starting out, which is on the 39th Floor of One, Canada Square, which is actually an amazing building. Their is a shopping mall underneath, as well as London Underground (Jubilee Line, Canary Wharf) and Docklands Light Railway – DLR (Canary Wharf). Anyway, I worked out that in all the time I have lived in an around London I have been to this part (Canary Wharf TWICE now – thats twice in 36 years!). So I was actually looking forward to it. Canary Wharf is almost like a completely separate city. Anyway, this was the view from L39 looking towards the o2 arena (where I was earlier in the year). A very murky morning as you can see. But a fantastic view. A closeup of the arena – you can clearly see the Thames Barrier in the distance too.


DSC_0001 Later in the day we had  a terrifc thunderstorm (sadly no pictures – it was a business meeting)  but its the first time I have seen lightning from above!

Thanks for viewing.


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