Rail Perspective

I took this while I was waiting for my train into London Waterloo this morning from Richmond Upon Thames It was quite cold (about 7degrees C) – I was taken by all the straight lines disappearing into the distance in the centre of the picture. I do like the pre-dawn light.. not quite dark but not quite daylight. This was looking back towards Richmond…


This one was looking along the line up towards the East and Waterloo.



6 thoughts on “Rail Perspective

  1. I really like these Tony, great perspective! Hope you are well.
    From one expat Yorkshire person to another, I’m a Lahndahn girl these days πŸ™‚
    Jane x


    • Thanks for comment. Lovely to hear from you. Although I live in Sandhurst, I do travel into London one or two times a week. Love being there, but not the getting in and out. I’m usually either near Heathrow or on the southbank near the national theatre with the odd foray into the city πŸ˜ƒ


      • I’m in the West End of the city, lovely area, very busy though! Im surprising myself at how much I’m enjoying it, maybe I was a closet city girl all along! Mind you I do go home for a long weekend every other week to get my fix of green fields and the sea
        Jane x


      • I do visit the city from time to time. I’ll wave the next time I’m there πŸ˜€ . I last went up to hull in July. Probably won’t be up there again now til I do my endurance walk on the North Yorkshire moors. Have a good weekend x


      • Lyke Wake? Maybe I will wave to you if I’m home πŸ™‚ You have a good one too Tony x


      • Indeed it is.. Pip pip x


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