Rejected…. but not downhearted! Their is light at the end of the tunnel!

Unusually for me.. this entry is a whinge(sorry). It falls to me to run the household accounts. Based on feedback from friends I decided to have a look round to see if we could do better on our Electricity / Gas. There actually wasn’t much in it.. our existing supplier, Scottish Power could give us a better deal (not surprised that they don’t volunteer the information – much better to leave their customers in the dark and carry on overcharging). So, I thought.. ok.. lets change our tariff (hey its easy to do it online – the website said so).

So, I selected change tariff. All was well until I got to the point of actually confirming that yes I had read the terms and condiitions, understood the cooling off period and wanted to switch. Whats this? Oh dear an error stopping me completing the transaction. Mmmm. Its telling me our phone number is wrong (funny it didn’t complain when I put it in). I should explain that where I live our number is just 5 digits, not the usual 6. BUT, the ‘system’ let me enter it and was quite happy. It wasn’t til I tried to complete the tariff change it complained about the number. Hmmm. So, I tried to call the callcentre (twice). Both times to be told they were too busy and just disconnected.. not asked if I wanted to hold. Email is the thing obviously. So I sent an email via their contactus page, picking the nearest thing as a title (as they dont seem to believe people are capable of creating a title of their own) and waited. I got an automated mail back telling me that they would respond to me within 5 working days (SERIOUSLY?).

I eventually got a mail a couple of days later telling me that they had fixed my account number (hmmm it wasnt the account number that was wrong) and pointing out the tariff I wanted was no longer available (what a shock!). I replied that it was the phone number that was a problem and confirmed I wanted to change my tariff.


So a few days passed with no response. I thought – ok .. I can add a zero to my 5 digit number so that I can then complete the transaction without involving their callcentre. I dutifully added a zero to the 5 digit number. The ‘system’ accepted it. I then went to change my tariff online. All was well until it came to confirming the transaction again. ARRGGHHH The change to the phone number hadn’t been picked up yet so it rejected it. At this point in a fit of pique, I decide to ring their callcentre. I tried – twice. Both times I got disconnected before the automated voice response system had finished wasting 5 minutes giving me all the options. (Oh for a cut the crap and let me speak to someone option).

So despite my best efforts to stay a Scottish Power customer, I admitted defeat, went to, found a cheaper supplier and am just working through the cooling off period then the switch will happen.

The sad thing is that I would’ve been happy to stick with Scottish Power. They didn’t seem to want me! A prime example of how NOT to look after a customer.

Thanks for reading.


View from L39

My first day back from vacation earlier this month saw me attending an all day meeting at One, Canada Square, Canary Wharf (which acts as an overflow for the City of London and space is very much at a premium!). L39 is an innovation hub for companies just starting out, which is on the 39th Floor of One, Canada Square, which is actually an amazing building. Their is a shopping mall underneath, as well as London Underground (Jubilee Line, Canary Wharf) and Docklands Light Railway – DLR (Canary Wharf). Anyway, I worked out that in all the time I have lived in an around London I have been to this part (Canary Wharf TWICE now – thats twice in 36 years!). So I was actually looking forward to it. Canary Wharf is almost like a completely separate city. Anyway, this was the view from L39 looking towards the o2 arena (where I was earlier in the year). A very murky morning as you can see. But a fantastic view. A closeup of the arena – you can clearly see the Thames Barrier in the distance too.


DSC_0001 Later in the day we had  a terrifc thunderstorm (sadly no pictures – it was a business meeting)  but its the first time I have seen lightning from above!

Thanks for viewing.

Rail Perspective

I took this while I was waiting for my train into London Waterloo this morning from Richmond Upon Thames It was quite cold (about 7degrees C) – I was taken by all the straight lines disappearing into the distance in the centre of the picture. I do like the pre-dawn light.. not quite dark but not quite daylight. This was looking back towards Richmond…


This one was looking along the line up towards the East and Waterloo.


Kefalonia Take 2

We enjoyed our week in Kefalonia so much last year that we booked this year for 2 weeks with some friends(as it turned out, the villa we rented this year was only 200m from last years! We arrive in brilliant sunshine mid-afternoon, this time with the benefit of knowing where we were going (ish). It was also my first overseas holiday as a Coeliac. I did some research ahead of time and found the Greek Coeliac website who had very kindly created a downloadable statement for use whilst out and about..

The friends we were with hadnt been before. In truth Kefalonia ISNT the place to go if you want a very busy place with lots of hussle and bussle. But, if you want great weather, nice people, good food and a great island, with crystal clear water and good beaches.. try Kefalonia.

The main town is Argostolion.

DSCN1289The main shopping street (Lithostroto) is pedestrianised…

Their is a lagoon alongside Argostoli which is a loggerhead turtle sanctuary – you can often see them around the fishing boats when they return.  Here’s the Koutavos lagoon…


We decided to have a trip across to Lixouri, using the ferry to make the short 20 minute trip. The one way fare was something like 2 euros for each foot passenger and I THINK something like 8 euros for the car.

Leaving Argostoli


Across the Argostoliou Gulf we approached Lixouri


The quayside is pretty,


Lixouri looks like quite a large town from the ferry, but its quite small with lots of restaurants on the quayside and around the square with one shopping street. We decided to drive back round which probably took us something like an hour but it was a nice drive and the sun was shining.

We were quite keen to visit the small number of vineyards on the island, so headed out to the Robola Wine Cooperative, situated in a valley which is quite high up at Frangata, next to the Agia Gerasimou Convent. Its quite small and their is a self-guided tour which ends up with a tasting (of course we bought several bottles).


We also did try to visit the Gentilini WInery near the airport, but unfortunately the day we picked it was closed! Check the opening hours if you decide to visit.

We spent quite a bit of time down at Trapezaki beach and harbour (only about a 3 mjinute drive from our villa).

Trapezaki harbour


Part of the beach, looking toward the harbour. Their is a beach bar/restaurant by the harbour – note the work of art (the sandcastle!)


We also spent quite a bit of time at Lourdas, both on the beach and in the restaurants…. here’s the beach at its busiest …


The water was very clear, quite warm and full of fish. We did notice that all the way along the promenade, across from the beach were a number of allotments/vegetable plots..


Their are some very nice restaurants in Lourdas. Thoroughly recommended(all on TripAdvisor if you care for the detailed reviews).

Finally we went to Agia Efimia, at the north end of the Bay where Sami sits at the south end on the north side of the island. It was a first time visit for all and we all loved the small town… here’s the quayside..


and looking toward the main part of the town…


This was our second visit to Kefalonia and we enjoyed it just as much as our first time. We did go right at the end of the season (last week of septmber, first week of October). Several of the restaurants shut down for the winter while we were there. But we absolutely loved it, even tho the last 3 days we were there we suffered some amazing thunder and lightning storms.

Kefalonia ISNT the place to go if you want a very busy place with lots of hussle and bussle. But, if you want great weather, nice people, good food and a great island, with crystal clear water and good beaches.. try Kefalonia.

Imagine waking up to this each day? Thanks for reading.


The Motherships have been sighted!

During our recent holiday in Kelafonia, one evening, I noticed these strange clouds over the mountain.. they do look for all the world like ‘flying saucers’.. it was unreal. I took a longer shot(below)…

Longer Shot

Longer Shot

Zoomed in (a bit)…



And finally.. about 20 minutes later.. the clouds had moved on…

DSC_0075Its the first time I have seen this type of cloud anywhere.. thanks for reading.