So……. nearly time for vacation

Yep, I know. its late (I’ve already had my first xmas party invite) and here I am about to go to Cephalonia for a couple of weeks R&R. Just posted this pic to remind you of our visit last year…



Now I dont suppose the weather will be as good as last year(we went in July) but I’m definitely overdue some R&R. Its been a long and challenging year.  It will be an interesting return as a diagnosed Coeliac. I think finding Gluten-free ‘stuff’ in the local shops could be a challenge so I plan to take some Gluten Free bread, pizza bases etc. I did ask the Greek Embassy in London if that would be ok and in typical Greek fashion got 2 replies from different parts of the embassy…

  • As we are all in the EU you can bring in what you like (hmmmm really?)
  • Check with your airline

I’ve decided to take my chances and declare it. I’ll let you know what happens. Being a coeliac certainly re-shapes your perception of food. I think I have a pretty good handle on it now. I’m even working my way through the various GF beers(to be honest beer is the one thing I really miss – I used to love a nice pint of real ale).

Personally not much has changed – well apart from having been told that I need to take Calcium tablets to offset some bone mass loss. Overall I feel great, the best I have felt in years.

My daughter has been through the diagnosis stage and it’s pretty much confirmed she has it also. She has suffered with stomach problems since she was about 10. Finally she will feel better. However, even though she is only 18 its not the end of the world. Availability of GF produce is improving all the time – many more options. I used to eat a lot of bread (hey I AM a yorkshireman) but I do miss the varieties. Their are some good attempts by the various manufacturers, but its not even close (how could it be).

Anyway, I will be Cephalonia bound a week today. I have to say I am really looking forward to being back on the island.

Thanks for reading, Have a good day.


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