Deserted ….

We decided to take our dog to one of our favourite dog-walking places on the south coast of England – Hayling Island. From the end of May to the beginning of September, dog walkers are restricted to an area away from the main beach. Anyway, we went yesterday (we had originally planned to go today (Monday) as its the last public holiday before Christmas(sorry) but the weather forecast wasnt great for today and as I type.. its pouring down with rain.

Anyway, we decided to go down to avoid the traffic and arrived around 10:45am to this… an almost deserted beach.

Not a person in sight!

Not a person in sight!

There were people around.. but only Dog Walkers.. the hordes of day visitors hadnt yet arrived….  (the pic below could be an entry for Silhouettes?)..

Enjoying the view!

Enjoying the view!

One of the things I like about this beach is that you get a good view across to the Isle of Wight..


Towards the Isle of Wight

Towards the Isle of Wight

and not forgetting the skyscape – which yesterday was just awesome….

DSCN1265 DSCN1270We should have checked the high tide time as it was just about at its highest when we were there. When the tide  is out, their is a vast expanse of sand and sand bars, plus trapped pools of water which the people and dogs love… next time maybe? Thanks for reading…



4 thoughts on “Deserted ….

  1. Lovely. Wish I could take my dog there


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