So – Another Gluten-Free Update

It’s been a while. I seem to be settling into a GF way of life. Its taken a bit of adjustment, BUT at the end of the day its just a change of diet(Discovering multple suppliers of (somewhat) expensive beers and lagers helped it has to be said).

So, whats been happening. Well. Had a week up to the north of England a few weeks ago and pleasantly surprised to find ALL the restaurants we visited had as a minimum an awareness of the need for Gluten free options. Had a delicious GF applecrumble with custard at a Toby Carvery. Even a local eatery (Woody’s Bar and Grill in Willerby) had GF options on its menu. The peak was going to a Frankie & bennies American DIner and being given a complete GF  menu(here’s the proof!)

Way to go Frankie & Bennies

Way to go Frankie & Bennies

My only ‘niggle’ was that the equivalent options on the Gluten loaded menu were typically £1 cheaper – (but then I’m used to paying more for less!)

All in all a good experience.

Now, Coeliacs disease is genetic. I’ve always had it, for some reason it became more agressive(I have my suspicions as to why but dont have any proof). We’ve now discovered that my daughter (18) seems to have it. In fact she had an endoscopy to confirm this very day – as you can imagine I am getting lots of ‘Gee thanks dad!’ comments from her. On the plus side, she HAS been having various stomach problems since she was about 8 or so. Its only a change of diet and she is going to feel SO MUCH BETTER. I have to say I have never felt better.

I’m noticing more and more options in our local supermarkets too, plus attending a couple of CF exhibitions has helped immensely. It made me realise how common the condition is, plus introduced me to more companies offering GF options.

If you made it this far – thanks for reading.


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