Summer is moving on

I was out walking the dog in the (quite) warm late summer sunshine this morning and noticed the Heather bright purple with the ferns beginning to change colour… Nice combo… Happy Sunday…



Deserted ….

We decided to take our dog to one of our favourite dog-walking places on the south coast of England – Hayling Island. From the end of May to the beginning of September, dog walkers are restricted to an area away from the main beach. Anyway, we went yesterday (we had originally planned to go today (Monday) as its the last public holiday before Christmas(sorry) but the weather forecast wasnt great for today and as I type.. its pouring down with rain.

Anyway, we decided to go down to avoid the traffic and arrived around 10:45am to this… an almost deserted beach.

Not a person in sight!

Not a person in sight!

There were people around.. but only Dog Walkers.. the hordes of day visitors hadnt yet arrived….  (the pic below could be an entry for Silhouettes?)..

Enjoying the view!

Enjoying the view!

One of the things I like about this beach is that you get a good view across to the Isle of Wight..


Towards the Isle of Wight

Towards the Isle of Wight

and not forgetting the skyscape – which yesterday was just awesome….

DSCN1265 DSCN1270We should have checked the high tide time as it was just about at its highest when we were there. When the tide  is out, their is a vast expanse of sand and sand bars, plus trapped pools of water which the people and dogs love… next time maybe? Thanks for reading…


A Later Summer Afternoon in London

We’d promised ourselves a trip to London to ‘be tourists’ to celebrate our wedding anniversary – 33 years this year! As always when we go to London, we drove into Richmond Upon Thames in West London to catch the tube.. their is all-day parking which isnt too extortionate (considering its London obviously). We decided on a circular route roughly starting at Westminster, over the river to Southbank, a stop at the London Dungeon, then a walk down to the Millenium Bridge, swinging by St Pauls then head to Covent Garden for something to eat mid-afternoon. The Weather was kind.

Looking toward the London Eye and the GLC Building - now the home of the London Sea-Life Centre as well as The London Dungeon

Looking toward the London Eye and the GLC Building (right hand side of the pic)- now the home of the London Sea-Life Centre as well as The London Dungeon

Looking back toward Palace of Westminster and Big Ben – the whole area was packed with tourists!

BigBen and the Houses of Parliament

Big Ben and the Houses of Parliament

A couple of shots of the London Eye now (AKA the Millenium Eye)…. not on the agenda for this trip but well worth it if you havent ‘flown’ on the eye. A flight takes around 30 minutes – awesome views of London on a clear day!

The London Eye in profile from outside the GLC building.

The London Eye in profile from outside the GLC building.

Slightly different perspective from alongside the queue waiting their turn,. I stood on one of the anchor blocks to take this…

Cool perspective from the side.

Cool perspective from the side.

Southbank was very busy. Lots of buskers, ice-cream, fast food, you name it you could buy it in the late summer sunshine. Even a carousel…

Keeping the browsers busy...

Keeping the browsers busy…

Hot? – have a beer in the beer garden under Waterloo bridge….

Beer Under the Bridge

Beer Under the Bridge

Outside the Royal Festival hall

DSCN1240There’s always something to see.. if not a busker.. a nun on a motorised piano – yes really!


Walking under Blackfriars bridge, looking toward the Millenium Bridge and the City Of London Skyline…


The Shard was looking very impressive -(note to self.. need to book a trip up!)

DSCN1249St Paul’s looked majestic in the sunshine – always a tourist magnet.


Looking back from the North Bank of the Thames toward the Houses of Parliament where we started…

Looking back west to the start

Looking back west to the startAl

Although it was very busy (especially round Covent Garden) – we had a great time. A real bonus for me was finding an Italian restaurant in Leicester Square that offered most of its menu with a Gluten Free option. We had a great day – what are you waiting for? Thanks for reading.

So – Another Gluten-Free Update

It’s been a while. I seem to be settling into a GF way of life. Its taken a bit of adjustment, BUT at the end of the day its just a change of diet(Discovering multple suppliers of (somewhat) expensive beers and lagers helped it has to be said).

So, whats been happening. Well. Had a week up to the north of England a few weeks ago and pleasantly surprised to find ALL the restaurants we visited had as a minimum an awareness of the need for Gluten free options. Had a delicious GF applecrumble with custard at a Toby Carvery. Even a local eatery (Woody’s Bar and Grill in Willerby) had GF options on its menu. The peak was going to a Frankie & bennies American DIner and being given a complete GF  menu(here’s the proof!)

Way to go Frankie & Bennies

Way to go Frankie & Bennies

My only ‘niggle’ was that the equivalent options on the Gluten loaded menu were typically £1 cheaper – (but then I’m used to paying more for less!)

All in all a good experience.

Now, Coeliacs disease is genetic. I’ve always had it, for some reason it became more agressive(I have my suspicions as to why but dont have any proof). We’ve now discovered that my daughter (18) seems to have it. In fact she had an endoscopy to confirm this very day – as you can imagine I am getting lots of ‘Gee thanks dad!’ comments from her. On the plus side, she HAS been having various stomach problems since she was about 8 or so. Its only a change of diet and she is going to feel SO MUCH BETTER. I have to say I have never felt better.

I’m noticing more and more options in our local supermarkets too, plus attending a couple of CF exhibitions has helped immensely. It made me realise how common the condition is, plus introduced me to more companies offering GF options.

If you made it this far – thanks for reading.


Our local council has placed 25 2m high made of metal and fibre glass to commemorate the great war (strange to call something so horrific great but there you have it!).  They are there to remind of the great war which started 100 years ago. Let’s hope we never see its like again.


And here’s a bit clearer shot