The wings they are ‘a-spreading’

Well, it had to happen. Its been a year of firsts (I’m definitely going to write a separate post on that one.. stay tuned). The year started daughter passed her practical driving test at the first attempt – she has already collected her first badge of honour (aka scratches), but hey, I am sure their will be others. She reached 18 and is officially her own woman(and dont you dare try to tell her otherwise – I certainly daren’t!). She has now booked her first solo (i.e. non-parent accompanying) holiday to Malia in Crete in a few weeks. I really feel sorry for Crete – it wont know what’s hit it. The series of milestones put me in a reflective mood and I think some daughterly embarrassment is very overdue. So…. Here’s Ms Dirger at Age 3, looking very cool by the pool on Gran Canaria…

Puerto Rico 1999

Isnt it funny how time flies. It really doesnt feel like it but that was 15 YEARS ago. Where does the time go? She is now a very capable, confident young woman. Here’s a pic from her ‘Prom’ (or what I knew in my time as a leavers disco) when she left school at 16 to go to college.

Almost ready

College really suits her. She really enjoys the course she is doing. She is now 2/3 of the way through the course and continues to make us proud. Finally(I promise) the last pic, which shows how she has matured even more(She’s second from left, next to her friend Abbi and Mrs Dirger!).

Kefalonia 2013

So what’s the point i hear you ask. Well, it really brought home to me how time flies when you arent looking. Enjoy your kids while you have them – they soon ‘grow up’….enjoy every second….

Thanks for reading.



2 thoughts on “The wings they are ‘a-spreading’

  1. She is a beautiful young woman Tony, and ah Malia, party central! Sure she will have a brilliant time!
    Jane x


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