Close(ish) Encounters…

The first pic in this entry was taken when I was out and about in Sandhurst – I actually thought this chap was injured as he really didnt seem fazed by me (or my dog)…. clearly he was just enjoying a break in the sunshine on the park seat… he looks a little the worse for wear.. maybe a heavy night ? šŸ™‚



I also came across this.. which on closer investigation proved to be a telegraph pole.. I really dont want to be the engineer that has to repair any phone lines that break on this one…

Smothered by Ivy.

Smothered by Ivy.


Finally for this morning (No idea why I am up so early).. I am still experimenting with the Macro Mode on my new camera. Took this of what I think is a DragonFly on my Japanese Maple Bonsai in the early summer sunshine. I wasnt quite quick enough to catch him when he landed on the back of my hand. We seem to have 2 or 3 that linger in/around our garden. Enjoy and thanks for reading.


Enjoying the sun.

Enjoying the sun.



2 thoughts on “Close(ish) Encounters…

  1. I love the robin, they are just so cute! I have one who comes and sits on my holly hedge, picture postcard pretty, but I’ve never managed to get a photo sadly. Maybe one day!
    Jane x


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