What a week!

Last week I was on a training course at a hotel/spa/conference centre called Wokefield Park, Near Reading.  The course was billed as a TopGun class! It was a very intensive class, with tests each day on the material presented that day.. 40 hours of presentations, tests and role-play. Outstanding surroundings a shame I didnt get more time to enjoy them.

This is the drive up to the OLD part of the conference centre…


The grounds were superb (it even has its own Golf Course – no good to me as I cant hit a golf ball to save my life).


.The Back Door…

.ImageLeft side…

ImageRight side

ImageAnd finally – the view from the front door!

ImageIts actually a part of the DeVere hotel chain – a very nice location – we even found an excellent local Indian Resteraunt called The Cinammon Tree less than a mile away.. perfect.

It was a Long, Hard week. Attendees came from all over Europe. Despite the workload, we managed to have some fun too – and the nicest thing of all – I passed the class! Move over Tom Cruise.


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