Eurovision Song Content 2014 (yes REALLY)

Eurovision Song Content 2014 (yes REALLY)

Well its upon us again. The annual farce which costs the poor old BBC licence payer a fortune. I think this is one of those ‘event’s that has become corrupted over time and now just reflects the current state of politics – especially in the former Russian Republics, with neighbouring states voting for each other and countries using votes politically, never mind the quality of the songs(Quality? that’s an interesting concept when it comes to the usual standard of entry) . You know you are in trouble when you have to have elimination rounds ahead of the main event, due to the number of countries wanting to take part in the debacle.

I suppose it could be considered entertaining(from a comedy perspective at least). I am sure the BBC could find better ways to spend our licence fee. #BoredofEurovision.


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