WordPress Weekly Challenge : Twisted

Wordpress Weekly Challenge : Twisted

Very strange…. I have no idea why this grew the way it did….


What a week!

Last week I was on a training course at a hotel/spa/conference centre called Wokefield Park, Near Reading.  The course was billed as a TopGun class! It was a very intensive class, with tests each day on the material presented that day.. 40 hours of presentations, tests and role-play. Outstanding surroundings a shame I didnt get more time to enjoy them.

This is the drive up to the OLD part of the conference centre…


The grounds were superb (it even has its own Golf Course – no good to me as I cant hit a golf ball to save my life).


.The Back Door…

.ImageLeft side…

ImageRight side

ImageAnd finally – the view from the front door!

ImageIts actually a part of the DeVere hotel chain – a very nice location – we even found an excellent local Indian Resteraunt called The Cinammon Tree less than a mile away.. perfect.

It was a Long, Hard week. Attendees came from all over Europe. Despite the workload, we managed to have some fun too – and the nicest thing of all – I passed the class! Move over Tom Cruise.

London’s Southbank on a hazy, early summer morning.

The Southbank in London is a real tourist magnet. I was a bit early taking this shot and caught a quiet spell.. Southank hosts the British Film Institute, The National Theatre and The Hayward Gallery, as well as a LOT of resteraunt’s and of course a little further round the river the London Eye. Loads to see and do.


This is the view looking West (ish) towards Waterloo Bridge, I occasionally work in our office on the Southbank and always take the opportunity to have a look at the river and the skyline.. The picture below shows a very hazy early (9am ish) view toward the City Of London.

ImageIn the foreground is Blackfriars bridge, with the new station built out over the River Thames.. the roof segments look like clam or oyster shells.

Because of the time of day, Waterloo bridge was gridlocked with traffic….

ImageYou might notice some people on the ‘beach’ at the bottom of the picture.. that was a film crew – absolutley no idea why… I can think of better things to do on a lovely day than trudge through the mud.

Finally, this caught my eye – The Royal National Lifeboat Institute River Thames Station below Waterloo Bridge – easy to overlook as its tucked away on the river bank. Essential with all the river traffic.

ImageHope you enjoyed.. thanks for reading.



This was what was left of a birthday cookie we ordered after it had been ‘delivered carefully’. It was marked


Cookie RIP

Cookie RIP

Didnt seem to make much difference. The response of the delivery man(who’s company was being paid to deliver our cookie safely)? I quote ‘ you should have gone to the shop to buy it’ implying that WE were somehow at fault. The cookie company were less than impressed..said they would be having ‘words’…

Definitely a case of biting the hand that feeds them!


Sunset, Moonrise….



and Moonrise


The more astute amongst you will realise these weren’t taken at the same time, but on the same day (I apologise for the date stamps.. once I figure out how to switch it off….. I am experimenting with a new Nikon Camera..)

I’m quite pleased with the results so far. Not sure how much of the built in technology i will use, but its always nice to have more than I need in my toolbag..

Happy Monday

Eurovision Song Content 2014 (yes REALLY)

Eurovision Song Content 2014 (yes REALLY)

Well its upon us again. The annual farce which costs the poor old BBC licence payer a fortune. I think this is one of those ‘event’s that has become corrupted over time and now just reflects the current state of politics – especially in the former Russian Republics, with neighbouring states voting for each other and countries using votes politically, never mind the quality of the songs(Quality? that’s an interesting concept when it comes to the usual standard of entry) . You know you are in trouble when you have to have elimination rounds ahead of the main event, due to the number of countries wanting to take part in the debacle.

I suppose it could be considered entertaining(from a comedy perspective at least). I am sure the BBC could find better ways to spend our licence fee. #BoredofEurovision.