Lindsey Sterling said recording this beautiful video was one of the “most rewarding experiences of her life”

Love this video…


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The squirrel’s table

The wood I walk the dog in has a lot of squirrels. A couple of days ago, after the dog spent some time pretending it was a squirrel(trying to climb trees) I came across this ‘evidence’. Maybe next time i’ll catch them actually using it!


Flying the county flag: The preservation of an identity

Great post on the quirkiness of us brits, I particularly like the regional flag of my home ‘riding’, the East Riding of Yorkshire…



Andy Strangeway

I am delighted and humbled to feature in the BBC article Flying the county flag: The preservation of an identity.

For those who would like to learn more about British Flags I highly recommend that you take a look at British Counties Flags.


If you county does not have a flag please do not hesitate to contact me and I will consider organising a competition for your county. Please email

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Spring is definitely on the way

Spring is definitely on the way

The warm weather we have had in the UK has certainly brought on the trees, plants and shrubs. Everywhere I look there are trees with buds close to bursting, new grass shoots coming up through the old dead stuff, everything is coming back to life after being drenched by St Judes storms across winter. We have a family of kites that have worked their way down from a range of hills not too far away -(The Chilterns) and everytime I have seen them I havent had a camera.. so.. I’m watching and just as soon as I can get them.. they’ll be on here!