Chessington Zoo – a ‘Grand Day Out’..

My son recently started as a zoo-keeper @ Chessington Zoo in SouthWest London (just). Yesterday, we were invited, along with all the other families to a ‘Rehearsal’ Day, where they ‘shakedown’ the operation ahead of the public opening on the 15th March. The zoo is now embedded in the ‘Chessington World of Adventures’ a theme park. I dusted off my trusty Nikon D70 and let loose taking pic after pic. The animals brightened up my day – hope they do yours.. enjoy. this selection..

These Penguins looked they like were having fun…


As did this Sea-Lion..


This Ostrich definitely wanted to have a closer look…


This little chap, a baby meerkat was a bit nervous..


Mind you, there enclosure was pretty close to this chap…who was enjoying the spring sunshine


As was this little guy


And finally(honestly) –  a zebra using trees to scratch an itch!




3 thoughts on “Chessington Zoo – a ‘Grand Day Out’..

  1. Very nice pictures! I’m so jealous of your son! Haha!


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