Spring is sneaking up on us..

Sunset yesterday after a long, cool but very sunny day. Today has been even warmer, managed to get the hot tub water changed and just for a moment persuaded myself summer is just around the corner. Its been a tough winter for the uk, many places in somerset are still flooded and the clearing up continues. Here’s to a great summer!



2 thoughts on “Spring is sneaking up on us..

  1. We are still waiting for spring here, too. I believe we’ve had snow on the ground for about 12 straight weeks, which is extremely unusual. Our nickname around here is “the Banana Belt” because our winters are usually so mild compared to areas even just an hour away. The red-winged blackbirds are at least 2 weeks late so far. When I hear them, I’ll know it’s finally spring!


    • Where I live now(Sandhurst, Berkshire) is much milder than where I was born(Kingston Upon Hull, East Riding of Yorkshire). We have lots of apple and cherry blossom trees around here which are all coming into Bloom – even the Broom on the heathlands is coming out in a blaze of yellow. We even hit close to 20 degrees C yesterday (68 F in old money).. so .. maybe.. just maybe.. spring is creeping in! 🙂


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