Well that was fun….

Well that was fun....

Ok, a bit symbolic – this is the Danger flag – several of which are posted along the fence of the Royal Military College to warn that the ranges are in use. Luckily the ranges are parallel to the fence, so no danger to us.
The flag is a bit tattered which isnt really surprising given the winds we suffered yesterday – a high of I think 106mph in North Wales. Nowhere near that where I live thank goodness, plus we haven’t suffered any power outages as yet. Its at times like this that I am thankful we live on a hill 240 feet above sea level. But there are a lot of folks in the west of england suffering from flooding and additionally in certain areas no power. Nature can really sock it to us when it throws its toys out of the pram.
At the moment, we are in the calm before the next storm which is due to hit overnight with more heavy rain on top of already sodden ground (in some places their is so much pressure of water in the ground its being forced back up to the surface). At some point this will stop.. many people are counting the days.
The picture below was taken today to show that we DO get some sunshine.. occasionally!



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