So – an update – Gluten – whats that?

Its been a while since I reported my progress. Heading for 2 months since I was diagnosed with Coeliacs and I have to say I think I am doing ok. Have had one or 2 slips along the way(which actually dispelled any lingering doubts I might have had around the fact that i actually DO have Coeliacs).

What have I learnt? Well once the initial shock subsided, its just a case of getting on with it. The situation now is much better than I am sure it was even a few years ago, with most Supermarkets having ‘Free From’ ranges and a growth in specialist suppliers. Meals out can be interesting, but I’m getting the hang of the necessary prep before we go out now. Most of the restaraunt chains are at least aware now(one of the most recent visits we had they had actually hand-marked on a menu the dishes I could eat – which I thought was great customer service,

Home cooked food is obviously much easier – in fact a major milestone today – I made some Gluten Free sausage rolls.. not a major culinary creation I’ll admit.. but.. it all helps. Trying for a Gluten Free meatloaf tomorrow..

Its getting easier now. I’m getting into the routine. Who needs Gluten?


2 thoughts on “So – an update – Gluten – whats that?

  1. My parents have operated a meat shop since 1995, where they prepare everything they sell right on the premises. They have been offering gluten-free products for a few years now, and their range of sausages is especially popular. I think until recently, people with celiac disease have had a much tougher time. Good luck with your journey, it sounds like you are off to a good start.


    • Its certainly a lot easier now with more awareness. Actually the meat products taste nicer as the Gluten Free variants actually contain mostly meat, not filler….
      Thanks for reading…


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