Music on Fire!

Music on Fire!

I live in a little village called Sandhurst, in the county of Berkshire in the UK. Our biggest single claim to fame is that we have the Army Officer Training establishment in the village, colloquially called the RMA (Royal Military Academy). Sadly they’ve stopped now, but they used to run a bi-annual event called Music on Fire, which was a great evening of Music, brought to life with Fireworks, with a backdrop of the parade ground/main building. A tyical british type of evening. The Forces attendees were under cover with waiter service etc – they had a multi-course very nice dinner I am sure. However, the great unwashed public were allowed in to enjoy the proceedings. Many made it an event, complete with picnic tables and candelabras, others (us) just took chairs, wine coolers and hampers blankets and enjoyed the late summer show (it used to be done in early september). Here are a few pics to give you a taste.

Impressive start!

Impressive start!

DSC_00592006-09-24 DSC_00622006-09-24 DSC_00872006-09-24 DSC_01002006-09-24

Even the camera shake works well (!). Hope this small sample give you some idea of the energy and fun of the evening. You can quite clearly see the images being projected onto the main building. A fabulous evening – a real shame they no longer run it.


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