You dont see that every day!

You dont see that every day!

We were visiting friends in Cliftonvile, just round the corner from Margate and had popped into Margate for a walk on the harbour. The local lifeboat was just being taken back to its store – unlike many RNLI (Royal National Lifeboat Institute – completely voluntary) it didnt have a permanent home which allowed easy access to the sea. It certainly raised a few eyebrows amongst the sunday drivers!
The RNLI is a fantastic charity – manned completely by volunteers who put their lives at risk to rescue those in trouble in the sea around Britains coastline. Very impressive people.


4 thoughts on “You dont see that every day!

  1. Another one for the WPC Juxtaposition?


  2. The RLNI is amazing, at home in the uk I live in a small coastal town, so I get to see them in action regularly, I’m a huge supporter of this charity.
    Jane x


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