Form an orderly queue!

Form an orderly queue!

I took this at the Royal International Air Tattoo at RAF Fairford near Swindon a few years ago. I thought this was interesting – an F15(I think), a Boeing 737 and I’m not actually sure what the third plane in the queue is :-). RIAT is well worth a look and runs each July – if you are an ‘air’ head (in the nicest possible way) there is no better way to spend what is usually a sunny day than sitting on the grass, perhaps sinking a glass of the local cider being entertained by the static and flying displays. Their is something about the noise from the engines vibrating your whole body that just brings out the 5 year old in me. If you’re going to be in the UK in July and would like to attend – here’s a link to the website – it runs 11th – 13th July. Enjoy.. I hope to be there this year!


2 thoughts on “Form an orderly queue!

  1. RIAT is one of those shows I’d love to attend some time.

    The third plane along is a KC-10, the tanker version of the DC-10 airliner.


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