So #2….On the trail to Gluten Free

I was recently (a little over a week ago) diagnosed with Coeliacs Disease. I’m finding Gluten can be a tricky devil – it pops up in the most unlikely places – so in the first week, i’ve been caught out twice so far.. once in a soft fizzy drink – Barley Gluten, once with Vinegar – (yes I know.. MALT vinegar sort of gives it away but I have paid the price for that little faux pas and one that wont be repeated). As an aside – when you have 30 minutes when you have NOTHING to do.. just examine some of the labels of the stuff in your kitchen – I think you’ll be surprised how much contains Gluten..

Luckily two of the largest UK Supermarkets, Tesco and Sainsburys have quite well stocked up Gluten-Free Aisles. I find I am becoming very disappointed with some eating establishments – most notably the various canteen’s scattered across the various locations that I work in. Not a trace of Gluten awareness anywhere.. so it’s back to the trust jacket potato or salad..

But on the whole.. I think I am doing ok so far


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