Now into Day #4 as a Coeliacs (colloquial name for someone who suffers from Coeliacs disease). The initial shock(well it IS life changing – although lets face it, it could have been much worse) is just about gone. Adjusting to life without wheat/barley/rye. What’s the big deal? Well just open your kitchen cupboard and see how many of the products you buy contain gluten? I’m sure I am going to slip up at some point – its bound to happen and in an earlier post I mentioned an appointment with a dietician which I am still waiting for.

But it ISNT the end of the world. Its simply a change of diet. Ok, I’m going to miss my favourite tipple in all its varieties (Whisky) and my favourite beers (Theakston Old Peculier, Newcastle Brown), but the good news is that I still have wine and brandy. Oh and cider too. I also discovered that Gluten Free comes at a cost, but that the main UK supermarkets now have whole aisles dedicated to a wide variety of Gluten free stuff. Their is a terrific support group in the Coeliacs UK charity – I thoroughly recommend anyone in the same boat have a look at their site –

I’m just really glad that I now know what the cause of all the challenges I’ve had over the last couple of years and feel really positive now about the future. Not knowing was the worst, because their is always the chance it would return.

So, a nice positive start to the week – thanks for reading.


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