Wanderings in London

Wanderings in London

A couple of days ago I had to visit one of my customers in Soho in Central London. As it was a nice sunny day, I chose to walk – it was only a mile or so each way (distances in London can be deceiving – unless you actually enjoy being in a small steel tub with someones armpit very close to your nose) – I always recommend that visitors should walk if at all possible – otherwise you miss SOOOO much.
Anyway, I was walking. Discovered to my delight that my route took me over Hungerford Bridge to Charing X station, up Charing X road to Leicester Square, then a bit of a shimmy to my destination.. the nice thing being that the last part of the journey was through London’s ChinaTown.. I love to browse the shops…
Anyway, I had my meeting and as the sun was still shining (although their was a biting wind) I took a slightly different route to take me back through Chinatown, then back to the Hungerford bridge, where I took this picture.. Why I hear you ask. Its the first time I noticed the London Skyline is getting bigger.. more and higher office blocks, hotels etc. If you look you can see the ‘Shard’ plus some other buildings that I dont have the names of.
I really hope we dont lose all of the fantasic buildings like St Pauls etc in the shadows of the mega-scrapers…
i LOVE being in London.. I HATE the journey in and out…
Its a great city!


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