Downtown Tel Aviv – Business District – Azrieli Centre

Downtown Tel Aviv - Business District - Azrieli Centre

This was the view from the office that I had my meeting in on the 39th Floor. Good job I dont have a problem with heights! It was very much a flying visit – out tuesday, meeting Wednesday, back Thursday. The Azrieli centre is very interesting as their are 3 buildings, one a triangle, one a square and one a circle. The above view is looking out between the triangular building on the left and the circular building on the right. My last visit to Tel Aviv was along time ago and I’m happy to say that its changed a lot – mind you it was just after the first Gulf War!

Love the perspective effect on this one ….


Azrielei Triangle

Azrielei Triangle

And the Circular Building….


Azrieli Round!

Azrieli Round!

Tel Aviv was certainly a lot busier than I remember – its certainly suffering from the scourge of the automobile…


Busy all the time!

Busy all the time!

The airport was certainly different than I remember – but TOP TIP – DO not underestimate how long it will take you to get through the various security systems…. allow yourself plenty of time.

I did enjoy this visit – I just wish I had more time and was able to see some of the country. Maybe next time. (Still the warmth of the sunshine was welcome!).


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