A BIG sky over the Humber…

A BIG Sky over the River HUMBER in Yorkshiire

A BIG Sky over the River HUMBER in Yorkshiire

The River Humber – looking down river towards Spurn Point – taken from Hessle Foreshore, close to the Humber Bridge viewing area. This was taken in early february – love this picture for the feeling of space and distance..
I was at the foreshore for a while and it was amazing how quickly the weather changed and we had snow showers…


Who’d a thunk it?


Interesting Perspective

Underneath the Humber Bridge


The Deep (Aquarium) at the mouth of the River Hull

The Deep (Aquarium) at the mouth of the River Hull

Who’d a thunk it?

Well well well. My home town will be the 2017 UK City of Culture. What a fantastic privilege – I am sure the competition was tough. I’ve always felt Kingston Upon Hull (to give it its FORMAL name) was much maligned. Geographically its always been a bit isolated, on the north bank of the River Humber, in the East Riding of Yorkshire(No NOT Humberside as some Central Government types tried to impose several years ago). Hull (or ‘Ull to us locals) has done a lot to pull it up by its bootstraps since we lost the fishing fleet to pastures new – when I was in my junior school more than 50% of the kids in my class had fathers who regularly risked life and limb fishing in the waters around the UK and the North Sea (remember the Cod wars? Iceland V Britain?)…

The Humber Bridge is very impressive(from where I grew up, I watched the construction) – but to me has always been of dubious benefit. The motorway network in the area is such that to me it doesnt actually seem to save anything unless you want to travel from the North Bank to the SouthBank. Ahhh well. I’m sure it made sense at the time.

I confess I haven’t been back in a few years, but I really hope the City Of Culture award helps to make the rest of the UK aware of the positive aspects of Hull and the East Riding – its not all Ilkley Moor, flatcaps and mushy peas!

Wanderings in London

Wanderings in London

A couple of days ago I had to visit one of my customers in Soho in Central London. As it was a nice sunny day, I chose to walk – it was only a mile or so each way (distances in London can be deceiving – unless you actually enjoy being in a small steel tub with someones armpit very close to your nose) – I always recommend that visitors should walk if at all possible – otherwise you miss SOOOO much.
Anyway, I was walking. Discovered to my delight that my route took me over Hungerford Bridge to Charing X station, up Charing X road to Leicester Square, then a bit of a shimmy to my destination.. the nice thing being that the last part of the journey was through London’s ChinaTown.. I love to browse the shops…
Anyway, I had my meeting and as the sun was still shining (although their was a biting wind) I took a slightly different route to take me back through Chinatown, then back to the Hungerford bridge, where I took this picture.. Why I hear you ask. Its the first time I noticed the London Skyline is getting bigger.. more and higher office blocks, hotels etc. If you look you can see the ‘Shard’ plus some other buildings that I dont have the names of.
I really hope we dont lose all of the fantasic buildings like St Pauls etc in the shadows of the mega-scrapers…
i LOVE being in London.. I HATE the journey in and out…
Its a great city!

The First Frost of Winter is here

The First Frost of Winter is here

I took this picture at about 8am this morning while out walking my dog. It was a very cold, crisp morning, the cars were covered in Frost and the roofs of the houses were white over. I’m guessing its not going to be long til we have the real ‘White stuff’….. I’m really very fortunate where I live, this is one of two nature reserves next to my house.. both have families of deer that live there… 20 minutes away I have swinley forest, a 16 square mile pine forest..