Here we go again.

Well here we are – waiting for the widely predicted storm to hit overnight tonight. The forecast is that the eye of the storm will pretty much sweep across the midlands of england. High winds and various potential for damage from falling trees, displaced slates (very dangerous) and anything thats not nailed down. The Met Office have actually been quite vocal this time round – the most famous faux pas was the failure to warn about the hurricane that hit the area I live in in 1986, so ever since then they have not been backward in coming forward (as we say). In 1986 we couldn’t leave where we lived as a huge tree had closed the road(and it took the local authorities a day or so to clear). I do remember being woken by the wind, looking out of the window and all the trees were being blown at right angles to their trunks.. lets hope its nothing like that… time will tell. I’ll try and get some pics up on here if anything interesting happens :-).

So we sit and wait.. we have been warned!


2 thoughts on “Here we go again.

  1. Hopefully the weather won’t get too crazy! Hoping you and yours stay safe 🙂


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