Early November, but still sunny

Early November, but still sunny

This picture sums up a visit we had to The Algarve in early November a few years ago. The sun was still hot, the sand was warm, but the beaches were deserted! A lot of the tourist focused restaraunts were shut, but it meant that the ones that were open catered for the locals and therefore the food was good(not a burger in sight) and reasonably priced. It did feel a bit surreal when we went to a local shopping centre to see all the christmas trees/decorations etc in the shop..


4 thoughts on “Early November, but still sunny

  1. Lovely photo Tony! Visiting places out of season is often a much nicer experience than visiting at the height of the tourist season. I love Italy in April/May and October, it’s my favourite time of year to visit. It’s still warm in comparison to the UK, but very quiet.
    Jane x


    • Completely agree.. I took my wife to Florence in September which was JUST out of the main tourist season and we had a terrific time, did the art galleries, had some nice meals… just wonderful.. đŸ™‚ tony x


  2. We have had some beautiful weather in the Algarve recently and although there has been rain the past couple of days it is predicted to be sunshine and 21º for the next 10 days – this is why we love the Algarve!


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