Cleveland, UK from Urra Moor

Cleveland, UK from Urra Moor

I took this picture when I was heading towards the finish of the Lyke Wake Walk, a traverse of the North Yorkshire Moors in the North of England. 42 miles between the posts and has to be completed inside 24 hours. Little did I know when I took this that I had managed to turn the soles of both feet into one HUGE broken blister… painful but worth it for the many fantastic views.. this is heading down from 450m.


Learning to Drive in the UK

Well, my daughter failed her theory test by just 2 points (second attempt). Now for those of you outside the UK, Learning to drive goes like this.. there are effectively two things you have to do.. one is pass a computer based test of 50 random questions (the passmark is 43 out of 50) and second, the actual practical driving test. As you would expect from something organised by the government, it COSTS… so.. A theory test is currently £31 per attempt and the actual test itself is something like £50, BUT, you cant apply to take the practical test til you’ve passed the theory. All well and good. Oh and then we have the cost of being taught to drive, which most people will do by a) paying a professional instructor the going rate per hour (currently £25 ish) and b) paying the extortionate price the car insurance companies charge to add learners onto their policies.. in my case the policy went up by 400% per month. So learning to drive in the UK is a MAJOR financial investment and once you pass it just qualifies you to pay even more money to the government (Fuel tax, Road tax).

Now.. the key question.. does it make them better drivers? I suspect the Jury is out .. now of course, people driving need to know about roadsigns, driving in different conditions etc, but  I have to say I feel safe taking my daughter out for more practice (I forget she is still learning!). Of course she makes the occasional mistake.. who doesnt.

No – the cynic in me says the government are just using it as a cash cow….

How does it work where you are?