You know you have been working with Computers a LONG TIME when….

  • I caught myself explaining some of the intricacies of managing computers ‘back in the day’, in particular, the joys of managing large decks of punched-cards and paper-tape and what happened when the card-reader either ATE a card or snapped a tape! The look on the face of the student I was talking to was a sight to behold, then it made me realise how much we now take for granted where computing is concerned.
  • You find yourself extolling the virtues of COBOL program overlays
  • You was lyrical about the joys of machine code programming (anyone remember PLAN?) and how cool it was to build instructions on the fly by twiddling bits!
  • You mention any of ASCII, EBCDIC, BCD, OCTAL or HEX and watch people’s eyes glaze over.

Don’t even get me started on Magnetic Drums and Drum Plotters. Happy Days!



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