I cant believe its December!

I went into my local town today to find the xmas shopping frenzy in full flight. It Can’t be xmas. It doesnt seem like that long since I was away on my very relaxing holiday in Lanzarote. But I guess given the fact that we have had 2 heavy frosts, plus flooding last month it MUST be winter. Yeh well the dark mornings and evenings are a bit of a give-away. So, what to give this year? My family are getting all growed up and all of them have said ‘Dad – just gimme the money’. Now in one way this is the easy way out.. BUT.. I can do this at any time of year and xmas is supposed to be ‘special’ isnt it(for lots of reasons). So maybe I will persevere and actually buy them presents which hopefully they will like – its the thought that counts – isn’t?

Good to see common-sense prevailed in the case of jailed SAS soldier Danny Nightingale – details here http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-20556280


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