About Me


The picture is near Buddha Point on Big island, Hawaii – a place I have been fortunate to visit several times(and hopefully many more!)

Born and raised in Yorkshire in the UK, specifically the East Riding of Yorkshire in the North of England, in a small market town called Beverley. Lived most of my life in the north in theVillage of Anlaby and went to school at Wofreton Comprhensive.
1978 saw me uproot and move to London for work, where I have lived in and around ever since.I have 3 kids all mostly grown up now, so beginning to find time for me again.I’ve enjoyed multiple crossings of an endurance walk called ‘The Lyke Wake Walk’, a 42 mile crossing of the North Yorkshire Moors in England. I’ve done this for the past several years, but this year couldnt due to illness. However I am back to fitness and in training for next year.